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Runtime: 30:56

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Video: 1080p

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Audio: standard stereo

BDSM: slave hard Domination

LeatherBigWolf using slave M


BDSM for invalid handicapped accessible workshop

CoVid19 Time session

During the CoVid19 emergency we’ve been extremely cautious. All encounters with people outside the family had stopped, and Sir Lupus and Sir Daniel only met slave M, which lives in the same city and was regularly tested, not working and always extra safe. Therefor we were not able to gather proper filming gear and lightning. This movie has been hence filmed with a cellphone.



total slave hard domination
slave hard domination pissing
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slave hard domination big dick lupus
slave hard domination fire play
master lupus slave hard domination

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This is an experiment we are making to see if it is possible during these hard time of Lockdown to still experience something powerful also through Digital. We put a lot of hard work, effort and money to try and deliver something that will fulfill your fetish soul. What do you think of this kind of content? What did you feel inside?




  1. leathermate

    SIR, a great movie which made this slave feel the slaves hunger for its MASTER (this slaves hunger) to Taste its MASTER and breath in the smell of HIS Body, to feel close to HIM physically and mentally, SIR, SIR, this slave understands the feeling of being restrained and trusting in a MASTER’S Power, eager to Submit and Obey HIM, SIR. SIR, this slave understands the slaves Obsession for its MASTERS Magnificent Cock and Balls, feeling its MASTER pressing HIS Cock agains its tight, restricting hood and desperate to take it in its mouth and down its throat – sucking it’s MASTER’S Cock and Licking HIS Balls, tasting its MASTER’S Cock and smelling HIS Leathers while feeling the pressure of HIS Boots hard agains it, SIR. SIR, this slave understands the hunger the slave feels to have its MASTERS hands griping and twisting its balls willing itself to to take the pain and show its MASTER it’s Submission to HIM which it knows pleases HIM and makes it closer to its MASTER, SIR. SIR. it is an Honour for a slave to take its MASTER’s Piss – to have it covering its body and to drink it – a taste of its MASTER it wants to keep in its mouth – to feel it’s MASTER’S Piss drying on its body for as long as possible when it is allowed to dress again, SIR. SIR. this slave was motivated to Submit by the darkness and ritual of being restrained and submitting to the wax and the climax of the whipping – a final act of bonding with its MASTER, SIR. SIR, tank YOU, SIR

    • Master Lupus

      Excellent comment that made me rock hard, slave.

      You sure have, or will have, a lucky Master.


      • leathermate

        SIR. thank YOU for YOUR feedback, SIR. SIR, it is a privilege for this slave to feel connected with YOUR magnificent rock hard Penis, SIR

  2. zibaldon

    Magnificent , sensually a rousing experience for the mind, body, and soul. I kneel in homage. Bravissimo!

    • Master Lupus

      Thank you boy ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It was a great Session!


  3. Kevinkeeley



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