FAQs & Troubleshooting

This website is developed and designed for private use and should easily be supported on every device. We have collected here a series of faqs and troubleshooting resources to address typical mishaps with video streaming and membership registration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use the website?

No, you only need a Membership if you want to enjoy the video content. 

The reason for this is that running the website has many costs. Aside from the standard costs of running a website, which include months of work, daily hours of coding and assisting users, hosting the site, maintaining the domain and paying for the several used plugins, there is a specific cost for video streaming.

Our videos are hosted on rent servers, as Hard BDSM streaming is illegal or, streaming from the countries where it’s legal, it has prohibitively expensive. The more the videos are streamed, the higher the monthly bill from our carrier. Therefor, we can’t afford to stream videos for free and hence the need for a memberships.

What is the difference in the Memberships levels?


9€ for one day – no auto renewal – Access the site’s content for 24 hours from when your profile is activated. This way you can enjoy the content on the go.


13,99€ for 30 days – no auto renewal – The full experience

  • access to all the content throughout all the website
  • priority customer care service


90€ for one year – no auto renewal – maximum support

  • access to all the content throughout all the website
  • priority customer care service
  • 365 days of free usage, and a huge support to us

CIRCVLVS IGNIS is the name of our Leatherfamily. We have been building a private network and club of Old Guard Leathermen. 

Masters, Sirs, boys, slaves, any role is welcomed, but we only accept people who will provide enough information to demonstrate they now what we’re talking about here, and who really want to be part of real Club of men.

We will schedule content production, meets, vacations together, reunions and much more. It’s like being part of an Alliance to enjoy Old Guard Leather. We don’t aim to become a large number, and we are extremely selective.

Why can't I just create an account and pay on site?

Now, here comes the biggest headache (on our end mostly, we promise).

Unfortunately, processing payments through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or any other form of online payment is especially difficult for adult websites. There are what are called adult payment gateways (pornography is considered a “High Risk Business”); there are two problems with that.

  • The first is that they all keep a very large percentage of every transaction, meaning that wether the website processes hundreds of transactions per month, or wether we should raise the membership prices to an unbearable fee. This is not our intention in both cases.
  • The second issue is that we went through a long process with CCBill, as an example, and even though they knew it was a BDSM website, they wanted us after signing a contract to remove all BDSM content as “violence” is not accepted. This is also caused by the SESTA / FOTSA laws

So how did we fix this? After months and months of research, in order to keep the payments and user experience as streamlined and easy as possible, we decided that HardXpress, a digital partner website, would process the payments for us.

How do I create my membership?

Here is the guide step by step.

  1. Click on the “Register” button on the menu.
  2. Click on “choose your membership
  3. On HardXpress checkout site, select your desired Membership (Haus Brothers, Haus Guests, Haus Patrons)
  4. Fill in the required fields. This is very important, as we will create your account on Old Guard Leathermen using that data.
  5. You’ll get an email that’ll inform you that we are processing your payment. We recommend you CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.
  6. Within one day (usually a few minutes) you’ll get a second email informing you that your account was created, and you’ll be guided to the last step of the process.
  7. By default your account will be created with a randomly generated password. For security reasons, it is mandatory that you change the password; this will be automatic by simply following the instructions in the email. You’ll log in with your email and the standard password you’ve been given, and then you’ll automatically be redirected to the change password module.
  8. That’s it, your membership will be fully active and the month will start only when your profile is actually active.
What services do you offer?
  • Personal Counseling / BDSM Coaching
    • Master Lupus is a Master with over 16 years of experience in 24/7 Leather & BDSM lifestyl and an experienced trainer and coach. He will be happy to talk with you about your fetish journey and help you through the emotional and psychological tough moments
  • Personal or group Workshops
    • Whipping & Flogging
    • Hypnosis & Mindfuck
    • Bootblacking & Leathercare
    • Fisting
Do you offer refunds?

In the case of mistakes or bugs on our ends, documented, in which you’ve paid but didn’t get the service in working order, as per definition in our Terms of Service, you’ll be refunded.

If you didn’t like the content on the website, or you expected more frequent updates, no, we don’t offer refunds in that case.


"Multimedia Expired" Error

Sometimes you’ll see this message prompted at page load “Multimedia has expired, please refresh the page”. That’s a caching issue. Most modern browsers keep session storage in a complicated way on your device, and at the same time, most modern browsers enforced something called ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention); this makes such that our security system looks up for a cookie on your device that wether is buried in the cache, or has been stripped by ITP. Therefor, it will ask you to reload the page to find the security credential. To fix this, do the following:


– Flush the caches and cookies of your browser, or

– open a new window from incognito

– log in again

This should successfully fix your issue.

I'm having trouble processing PayPal payments

If you’re experiencing trouble paying with your connected card on PayPal, try using your PayPal balance instead. Some Credit Cart companies don’t like adult websites.

Videos won't play

If you are using an Apple device with an older install of Safari, it can happen that the video hangs until the stream is completely loaded before it actually plays; the waiting time can vary depending on your connection speed and other variable.

To fix this:

I forgot my password

If you have lost your password, no worries. 

Visit this page to reset your password.

You’ll get a link via email to reset your password.

Not receiving emails from site

Sometimes it might happen that you can’t find our emails in your mail client. We send emails for:

  • resetting the password
  • getting your log in id
  • getting payment receipts
  • getting back to you after you have contact us

In the case this happens, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons

  • the email is in the SPAM folder
    • if this is the case, adding us to our contact book and marking our emails as not spam should fix the issue
  • If you are using GMAIL, check that the emails have not ended in the tabs “promotions”, “social”, “updates” and such.
  • You could have inserted the wrong email. Tryout the process again

If any of these troubleshooting techniques fail, do contact us through our contact page.

Other Issues

If you have experience any issue, please feel free to report us the bug through the contact form

Report a bug