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Reindeer & LeatherBigWolf


BDSM for invalid handicapped accessible workshop

Live the experience!

This is not a pornography website, and we are not actors. The Session has been recorded so that you could blend in and enjoy the power of the sound and energy of this Session. To get the most out of it, wear quality headphones, be alone in a dark or dim light place, and relax deeply. Allow yourself to join us and let us know how you liked the experience!



Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 1
Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 6
Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 5
Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 4
Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 3
Haus Mein Gott LeatherBigWolf Hypno Sessions 2
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Did you enjoy the Session?

This is an experiment we are making to see if it is possible during these hard time of Lockdown to still experience something powerful also through Digital. We put a lot of hard work, effort and money to try and deliver something that will fulfill your fetish soul. What do you think of this kind of content? What did you feel inside?




  1. leathermate

    Great movie takes this slave to a place it needs to be. Use daily now with ever deeper effect.

    • Master Lupus

      Thank you slave.

      We are definitely going to film more hypno Session content ๐Ÿ™‚



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