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Pleasing vs Submitting

Many men are sexually driven by the idea of pleasing another man, and often mix the need to please with the actual concept of submission. There’s a deep difference between pleasing and submitting, even though these two things are often linked together.

Processing disappointment as a Dom who has submitted to another

As expressed in our article on why is it healthy for a Dom to submit, and how is that submission different, I’ll reprise here the topic to look specifically at what can go wrong when submitting to another Dominant, and how it can affect your self confidence, your sense of self worth, and ultimately, your future subs lives.

How FinDom is killing BDSM

As we have explained in our article on why FinDom is a scam and how is it getting away with it, FinDom isn’t truly a fetish. Financial Domination is about the weaponization of a fetish, to fulfill individualistic and narcissistic tendencies and behavioral patterns.

3 Reasons why FinDom is a scam

FinDom is a BDSM term related to the act of the submissive of giving up control of their finances to their Dominants, who takes care of it, whilst also using them responsibly to tease and deny. Unfortunately, like most other fetishes based on power dynamics, this has...

Internalized Homophobia in normalizing harmful behavior

What’s curious about the modern “community”, it’s how none of their spokesman or its users, are wondering if this harmful behavior towards one self and others, isn’t actually the ugliest face of internalized homophobia.

Hankie Code in Leather & BDSM

The hankie code is a system of communication that expresses trough the colors of hankies (typically bandanas used by motorcycle riders and mechanics) what a person is sexually attracted to, and in which polarity, in the context of kink and fetish.

A day in Our Old Guard Leather Family

Nowadays “leatherman” and “Old Guard” are both extremely biased terms, and we are very happy to share with Mascular Living’s readers some facts, on how actually Old Guard Leathermen lives, and what it means to us; how it shapes our days, our values and lifestyle, and how far away it stands from what the vase majority of the GLBTQI+ community sees “leather life” today.

SSC BDSM – Safe, Sane, Consensual

Read the definition and explanation of what SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) means in the context of Leather and BDSM. Clearly adhering to the principles of Safe, Sane, and Consensual into BDSM practices fosters a culture of responsibility, respect, and mutual enjoyment.

Old Guard Leather Debate – An Open Letter to Race Bannon and the “community”

Read our open letter to Race Bannon, an active and popular person in the glbtqi space, who actively tries to cancel Old Guard Leather. He claims that we don’t exist. He has been invited to an interview with Sir Lupus for a healthy confrontation, but he never showed up for it.

How COVID19 changed our sexuality and ability to connect

In this article, we will explore the ripple effects of the pandemic on our sex lives and how it has led to a shift in our desires, libidos, and the way we connect with our innermost desires, but most importantly, others. All of this, backed by data sampled directly in the community.

New Articles

Recon – The Fetish Network

Recon – The Fetish Network

Recon is a gay dating platform available trough as a desktop webservice and as a mobile app. While it was initially designed to allow serious BDSM and Fetish players to have a safe space to meet and shine in their authenticity, this historical platform has grown and...

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History of Old Guard Leather

History of Old Guard Leather

The History of Old Guard Leather has its roots in the post-World War II era, when many veterans returned home and formed leather (motorcycle) clubs and organizations. These early leather clubs placed a strong emphasis on protocol and tradition, drawing inspiration from military and fraternal organizations. Here is the history of the culture that started the iconic Leather subculture in the glbt world.

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Leather Protocol, Code, Etiquette

The mind, the Spirit, the people

Life of us Leathermen, through real stories and more

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