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Who is LeatherBigWolf AKA Master Lupus

Leatherbigwolf is an online nickname and stage name for Master Lupus, an Old Guard Leather Master from Italy. Master Lupus was born in Italy in 1989.

Master Lupus lives in Italy with his Leatherfamily of 4, and is today known as a Mentor and source of information on the original Leather culture.

Experience in Leather Lifestyle

Introduced to the Leather Lifestyle and Sexuality by his husband in 2008, has immediately recognized the deeper connection to what was called the Old Guard Leather Culture and Lifestyle.

Master Lupus went through the original training protocol to become a Leather Master, starting as a boy in 2009. He lived his first 3 years as owned property of Sir LTHRMSTR, and was promoted to Alpha boy at the age of 22.

Living since then a 24/7 Leather lifestyle, by the age of 25 he was given the title of SIR and has been handling, training, coaching and mentoring subs and Doms ever since. Master Lupus officialy was promoted as Leather Master by his Mentors in 2018, 10 years after his training started, in Berlin, where he was given the name “LUPUS”.

Founder and Creative Director of Old Guard Leathermen, formerly known as HausMeinGott.

The Haus Mein Gott – Old Guard Leathermen project

Master Lupus was given the mission by his Mentor and husband to do whatever he could to upkeep Leather Culture the way it was taught to him and passed down through generations of Old Guard Leathermen. Being Master Lupus the CEO of a web agency, he decided to build an educational website that would serve for new generations of Leathermen to come to find useful insight, information and real life stories.

Originally the project was called Haus Mein Gott, and it changed name after 6 years to Old Guard Leathermen.

Master Lupus online

Master Lupus recon profile

Master Lupus account on Twitter (X)

Old Guard Leathermen account on Twitter (X)

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